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"But history shows that dominant players in every era of operating system history have reached a turning point where they shift from the user experience and customer benefits which earned them their dominance to platform integration efforts which are primarily aimed at boxing out competitors."
Craig Grannell
A Sad Road
Let’s Move Forward
Paper or Aluminium?

Apple retail stores now price matching iPhone 4S and 4
Save $49.01 if you ask for it.

Mic Wright:

  Lee found himself under significant pressure. He says:
    “[Samsung] used the legal system to block me from reporting anything against them or anything that made them uncomfortable. It was a waste of time. I was branded a troublemaker because people think legal cases harmed my company’s reputation.”
  Yet Samsung seems capable enough of making trouble for itself. In 2008, the current Samsung chairman, Lee Kun-Hee, stepped down after his house and offices were raided and a police investigation began into claims that the corporation was maintaining a slush fund to bribe court officials and politicians.
Why Apple Cares
YouTube isn't in iOS 6
"This privacy is as essential a component in successfully participating in society as openness and honesty; and if services don’t start understanding that, people will eventually push back."
Kyro Beshay
The Loss of Music Collecting
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AT&T Pushing Customers to non-iPhone
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